Co-op game mode released in Nonstop Knight as a Halloween treat

Thursday, October 27, 2016 — There’s no need to face the big bad bosses in Nonstop Knight alone this Halloween, with a co-op mode, Boss Hunt, released as part of a new game update.

As a new permanent game feature, Boss Hunt enables players to join up with other dungeon brawlers across the world and complete boss-related challenges. Players are matched into teams of ten and are rewarded as a group for reaching certain landmarks, while being individually incentivised to beat as many bosses as possible and rank highly within the team leaderboard.

Aside from cool smashable pumpkins, the latest game update to Nonstop Knight challenges players to complete special objectives and even unlock a chest containing a witch costume to equip and get in the Halloween mood.

To get a quickfire 15-second overview of the above new stuff, check out this video starring one of the development team in seasonal attire.

Nonstop Knight is published by flaregames, developed by Kopla Games and downloadable for free on iOS and Android devices.

Nonstop Knight is a mobile action RPG that removes the stressful, sometimes tedious aspects deterring more casual audiences from the genre. Instead, the game takes the load off, leaving only the big decisions up to the player, such as unleashing special moves, evolving the character’s weapons and gear and unlocking items that enhance performance in a fight. The game’s playable character even continues to advance when a player has shut down his device, taking on the task of amassing coins while that person is having a break.

Nonstop Knight - Boss Hunt + Halloween treats

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Jon Howard Head of PR and Influencer Relations at flaregames