Conquer kingdoms on Facebook - flaregames releases its smash hit Royal Revolt 2 on Facebook Canvas

Thursday, March 24, 2016 — Mobile publisher and developer flaregames is delighted to announce that its hit mobile tower defense game, Royal Revolt 2, is now available to play via the Facebook Canvas platform.

flaregames recently celebrated the two-year anniversary since the launch of its flagship title, which is free to download on iOS, Android and Windows PC and mobile devices, and has now added one more way for players to enjoy conquering kingdoms and defending their throne.  

With this release, iOS and Android players are able to link their Facebook account in-game to automatically sync their progress between their mobile device and Facebook Canvas. In addition, players can see which of their Facebook friends are already playing Royal Revolt 2 and invite non-playing pals to join in the fun – strength in numbers is particularly important when Alliance Wars are announced on a regular basis!

“Royal Revolt 2 has been enjoyed by millions of players over the past two years, with our daily active user base and revenues continuing to grow alongside platform feature support and well-received game updates,” said Justin Stolzenberg, flaregames Product Director. “The game has already been successful on iOS, Android and Windows Phone and PC, therefore releasing on such a hugely popular platform as Facebook was a no-brainer to further accelerate growth and make the game even more accessible.”

Go try it out here.


Royal Revolt 2 launches on Facebook Canvas
Gunnar Lott Managing Director at Visibility Communications
Jon Howard Product PR Manager at flaregames