Flaregames and Brainz Announce Partnership to Create Ground-Breaking Mobile Strategy RPG

Thursday, July 2, 2015 — flaregames, a German mobile publisher and developer, announced today that it has entered into a publishing partnership with Brainz, a Colombia-based mobile games developer that specializes in creating ambitious mid-core games with a strong narrative focus. The first collaboration between Brainz and flaregames is an as yet unannounced strategy RPG with innovative crafting mechanics at its core, set for release on all major mobile platforms in 2016.

This new agreement is part of a larger initiative by flaregames to build an impressive publishing portfolio of high-quality mobile games. Recently the company announced similar agreements with Subatomic Studios for the co-development of a new Fieldrunners game, and Limbic, who are working with flaregames on Zombie Gunship, Inc. Last year, flaregames published Agents of Storm from renowned Finnish studio Remedy and in a few weeks Superweapon, an LA-based studio of industry veterans, is set to release their first game, the RTS Dawn of Steel, under the flaregames brand.

Alejandro Gonzalez, co-founder and CEO of Brainz, comments: “We like the no-nonsense approach of flaregames. They are very straightforward, very open and utterly professional. It is easy to understand why they collected so many great developers in so short a time: They love games as much as we do and they understand development as well as we do.”

Klaas Kersting, founder and CEO of flaregames, says: “Our move into publishing has rewarded us with a growing number of new friends in the business. Brainz is the latest pearl in our chain of brilliant partner studios from all over the world. We love their down-to-earth, hands-on attitude, their technical prowess and their glowing enthusiasm.”

Gunnar Lott

Managing Director

Visibility Communications