Flaregames and Keen Flare to release destructive real-time multiplayer game Monsters with Attitude on 28th March 2019

New game from Royal Revolt 2 developer Keen Flare will boast eight-player PvP of monstrous proportions, now available for pre-order

Bigger is better! That’s the message of new mobile multiplayer game Monsters with Attitude, coming to the App Store and Google Play on 28th March 2019, in which up to eight players compete to destroy all that stands in their way and grow their monster into a planet-bestriding behemoth. Players can now pre-order Monsters with Attitude on the App Store and pre-register on Google Play to get it on their preferred platform as soon as it launches.*

Developed by Keen Flare, the studio behind Royal Revolt 2 and Olympus Rising (both App Store Editors’ Choice), Monsters with Attitude is a real-time PvP game where each arena is an entire planet with a fully-destructible environment. The more havoc your monster wreaks, the bigger and more powerful they become!

Inspired by the emergence of the IO genre – games like Agar.io and Slither.ioMonsters with Attitude is the realisation of one simple goal: to combine the entertaining core of these minimalistic games with the production values and sensibility of classic console multiplayer experiences.

Keen Flare was well-positioned to deliver this, being experienced in both mobile and console game development, and has created a graphically stunning game that guarantees a boisterous multiplayer experience whether you’re on opposite sides of the world or together on a couch. Expect frantic, back-and-forth matches in which crazy powerups can fuel late surges to victory – no multitap required!

Beyond the core gameplay, Monsters with Attitude is a radical love letter to 20th-century movies, music and fashion. The game begins with your diverse cast of playable monsters, each with their own abilities, embarking on an intergalactic road trip after being inspired by the styles and sounds beamed from Earth. This informs Monsters with Attitude’s aesthetic, and the game is peppered with pop culture references that transcend planetary boundaries.

Monsters with Attitude will be published by Flaregames, with Keen Flare continuing its long relationship with the publisher.

* Monsters with Attitude is already live on Google Play in select territories, but will not reflect the final experience until its global launch on 28th March.

About Keen Flare:

The Frankfurt-based dream team behind Royal Revolt 2, Olympus Rising (both App Store Editors’ Choice) and Monsters with Attitude. Keen Flare combines amazing, console-grade production values with best-in-class mobile live-ops – to which players of Royal Revolt 2, which recently celebrated its fifth birthday, can attest.

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Matt Suckley PR Manager, Flaregames
Matt Suckley PR Manager, Flaregames
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