flaregames and MyGamez team up to launch Nonstop Knight on Android in China later this year

Publishers flaregames and MyGamez have today announced a partnership deal to release an Android version of the mobile action RPG Nonstop Knight (developed by Kopla Games) in the Chinese market later this year. Following the overwhelming success of Nonstop Knight on iOS devices in China, flaregames has joined forces with MyGamez due to their excellent track record of publishing foreign titles in the Asian market. MyGamez has offices in both Shanghai, China, and Pori, Finland.

“Millions of iOS players already enjoy Nonstop Knight in China, meaning we’re constantly getting requests from Chinese Android players to release the game for their devices as well,” said Klaas Kersting, flaregames CEO and founder. “We’re delighted that alongside MyGamez we can do just that and can’t wait to make the game available to yet more Chinese players later this year!”

“Nonstop Knight has a very good chance of success in the Chinese Android market”,
said Mikael Leinonen, CEO and co-founder of MyGamez Ltd. "It has already won a sizeable audience of Chinese iOS users and the metrics are strong. We believe Nonstop Knight will be well-received by our existing 15+ million MAU user base and our distribution channel partners are excited about the game too.”

Nonstop Knight is a mobile action RPG that removes the stressful, sometimes tedious aspects deterring more casual audiences from the genre. Instead, the game takes the load off, leaving only the big decisions up to the player, such as unleashing special moves, evolving the character’s weapons and gear and unlocking items that enhance performance in a fight. The action centres around the eternal journey of a knight who in each moment is faced with hordes of fiendish enemies. Players support their knight with the use of just one thumb, selecting special moves and power-ups via an instantly understandable user interface designed for simple, on-the-go play.

Nonstop Knight was released globally on 2nd June, ranking in the "Top 100 apps" in 130 countries and receiving critical acclaim from players. The game has been downloaded by over 6 million players to date and is the most successful launch in flaregames’ company history. Following its runaway success at launch, flaregames took the decision to acquire the Kopla Games studio, who continue to remain operationally independent as part of the deal.

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Jon Howard Head of PR and Influencer Relations, flaregames
Jon Howard Head of PR and Influencer Relations, flaregames
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About Flaregames -
Flaregames is a fast-growing mobile game publisher based in Germany, with its HQ in Karlsruhe and its development studios in Frankfurt (Keen Flare) and Tampere (Kopla Games). The company was founded in 2011 by Klaas Kersting, former CEO and founder of online games category leader Gameforge. Committed to working with world-class mobile game developers to create fun, high-quality, free-to-play games for smartphones and tablets, Flaregames is best known for Zombie Gunship Survival, Nonstop Chuck Norris, Nonstop Knight and the Royal Revolt series.

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