flaregames kicks off Dawn of Steel competition alongside YouTube star MasterOv to reward the game’s ultimate commander!

Share replays of your best enemy base raids with #DoSRaids via Twitter or YouTube by 4th April and be in the running to win an iPad Pro

Wednesday, March 23, 2016 — flaregames has today issued a challenge to all talented commanders playing its critically-acclaimed mobile RTS game, Dawn of Steel (developed by LA-based Superweapon), with the award of an iPad Pro to the player sharing the most outstanding replay of an enemy base attack via Twitter or YouTube by Monday 4th April (23:59 CET).

With the iOS and Android versions of Dawn of Steel, players are able to create replays of their best enemy raids and share them with the world via social media. To participate in this competition, players needs to do exactly that using their Twitter or YouTube account, putting the competition hashtag #DoSRaids into their tweet or video title respectively.

To kick off proceedings, flaregames has teamed up with UK-based YouTube star MasterOv, who just now published a video on his YouTube channel announcing the competition. For full details on how to participate, check out the following page that includes tutorial videos from MasterOv himself-

MasterOv will officially announce the winner of the #DoSRaids competition on his YouTube channel on 6th April, so stay tuned!

Dawn of Steel is a game built around intuitive controls that enable a wide array of tactical options, and which reward player skill. This applies when directing squads of giant mechanized walkers, which can be controlled either individually or as a group during battle, and in creating clever base layouts to thwart enemy assaults. The intense battle for supremacy takes places on the planet Leviathan, where corporate armies fight for control of the precious resource Plasma, which is vital to the fate of planet Earth.

Dawn of Steel is developed by LA-based Superweapon, a small team of game developers whose collective experience includes work on the Command & Conquer, Company of Heroes, The Lord of the Rings, Crysis, and Empires & Allies franchises. 

Sharing replays using your Android device

Sharing replays using your iOS device

Jon Howard Product PR Manager at flaregames