Flaregames signs mobile RTS by Superweapon

Flaregames, a German mobile publisher and developer, signs Superweapon’s upcoming mobile RTS as the new studio founded by EA and Zynga veterans leaves stealth mode

Flaregames, a leading international developer and publisher of F2P mobile games, today announced that the company has entered a publishing agreement with the newly formed development studio Superweapon. Superweapon is a team of game development veterans under the lead of Amer Ajami, who worked as Executive Producer at Zynga and contributed to the Command & Conquer series at EA before that. The studio is located in Los Angeles, USA, and has been in stealth mode since 2013, quietly working on a major mobile RTS game, for which Flaregames has now acquired the global publishing rights for all platforms.

This new agreement is part of a larger initiative by Flaregames to build an impressive publishing portfolio of high quality mobile games. Recently the company announced that it had signed a similar agreement with Subatomic Studios regarding a new title in the Fieldrunners universe.

Flaregames was founded in 2011 and has developed and published more than half a dozen games, among them the award-winning action strategy games of the Royal Revolt franchise. The company has collected €17 million in two funding rounds and operates two internal development studios, in Karlsruhe and Frankfurt, Germany.

Amer Ajami, President of Superweapon, comments: “We have been taking our time looking for the perfect partner to publish our upcoming game. We finally chose Flaregames, as they understand strategy games, they understand mobile, and they understand F2P. And they are gamers at heart who share our vision. We are building a great game together.“

Klaas Kersting, founder and CEO of Flaregames, says: “Superweapon is everything we’re looking for in a developer: They have a unique and ambitious game in the making, they are experienced developers who know their craft — and they are really nice guys to work with.”

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