flaregames to donate $10,000 to animal charity with help of Snapchat’s biggest stars

“Nonstop Buddies” campaign coincides with a “pets” update for Nonstop Knight, downloadable for free on iOS and Android devices

Friday, July 29, 2016 — Mobile gaming publisher and developer flaregames is celebrating the latest update to its hit mobile game Nonstop Knight (developed by Kopla Games) in unconventional fashion – by teaming up with some of the biggest stars on Snapchat to give away $10,000 to charity!

Nonstop Knight is an action role-playing game centred around the never-ending adventures of a knight who in each moment is faced with hordes of fiendish enemies. As part of a newly released game update, players can now unlock up to ten “pet” buddies to assist the knight in battle and provide much needed support on his quest. Championing heroic sidekicks and giving a shout-out to animal friends of all shapes and sizes, flaregames is teaming up with Snapchat’s top talent to pledge $10,000 to an animal charity and is asking its 4+ million players of Nonstop Knight to vote in-game and decide which great cause receives the donation.

Taking part in the Nonstop Buddies campaign are these four Snapchat stars, who have nominated the following charities-  

@Shonduras – supporting Dachshund Rescue of North America

@Mplatco – supporting Guide Dogs for the Blind

@Cakes1toDough1 – supporting Big Cat Rescue

@Metz044 – supporting National Police Dog Foundation

All voters need to do is enter Nonstop Knight, watch out for a notification message popping up and click on a link to enter a quickfire poll, which includes art from the celebs. flaregames will close the in-game poll at 00:01 PDT on Tuesday August 2nd and announce the winning charity later that day via its @nonstopknight Snapchat and Facebook channels.

“It’s awesome to be involved in this campaign and spread the love for animal buddies everywhere,” said Shaun McBride (@Shonduras), one of the participating Snapchat stars. “Me and my dachshund Koopa have been on a ton of adventures together and he’s like my sidekick, so this initiative is very close to my heart and a lot of fun to take part in.”

“We’re excited to be helping raise the awareness of these charities and can’t wait to see which one our players vote for,”
said Jon Howard, flaregames PR and Influencer Relations manager. “While this may be an unusual way to mark a mobile game update, it’s fantastic to be working with some of the most renowned Snapchat stars and create fun, engaging content that raises awareness of important causes."

Shonduras - supporting Dachshund Rescue NA - Nonstop Buddies

Metz044 - supporting National Police Dog Foundation - Nonstop Buddies

Cakes1toDough1 - supporting Big Cat Rescue - Nonstop Buddies

Mplatco - supporting Guide Dogs for the Blind - Nonstop Buddies

Nonstop Knight - pets update!

Shonduras - Nonstop Buddies campaign snap
Mplatco - Nonstop Buddies campaign snap
Cakes1toDough1 - Nonstop Buddies campaign snap
Metz044 - Nonstop Buddies campaign snap
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Jon Howard

Head of PR and Influencer Relations